Community guidelines

Last updated: January 13, 2022

Community guidelines area updated to improve the FortiAnswers experience. Please scroll to the bottom to view the change log. Updates will also be announced in FortiAnswers Community.

FortiAnswers aims to be a respectful and friendly space for the community of FortiOS, FortiGate Cloud and FortiSASE users to support each other and to share practices. FortiAnswers is also a pilot to make it easy for users to discuss product feedback and ideas with each other and the R&D team. Users of all experience levels are welcome.

For feedback and discussions on other products besides FortiOS and FortiSASE, please visit Fortinet Community.
For highly complex, specific and/or urgent technical support, please reach out to FortiCare Support.

Community values

Respect & trust

  • Respect different opinions and different levels of experience in the community
  • Constructive discussions rather than offensive
  • Flag posts for moderation if they go against guidelines and/or contain content that threaten safety or privacy, or is illegal

Relevance & clarity

If you are asking a question, make it easy for others to help you by:

  • Checking if there are already similar questions to avoid duplication
  • Posting in the right space and adding the relevant topic tags
    • If you feel a new topic tag would be helpful, post a request in FortiAnswers Community
  • Including your firmware version and models, where relevant
  • Including steps you have tried and/or relevant sections of your config file, if possible
  • Marking answers as correct if they solve your question
  • Bumping a post that requires attention, rather than creating duplicates (which will be considered spam)

If you are providing an answers or comments, please:

  • Include explanations, not just "the right steps": we are all here to learn!
  • Link to documentation where possible
  • Encourage the OP to provide more clarity via comments, if needed

As a pilot project, moderation is in English only and we therefore encourage posts in English. If you feel additional language support would benefit your community, please put in a request in FortiAnswers Community. We hope to expand our service to support more communities.

Putting our values to practice: Reputation points & moderation

Reputation points

Since ideas have the potential to impact product direction, a certain threshold of points is required:

200 Up/downvoting ideas

How to earn points:

Receiving an upvote
15 Posting an answer
30 Having an answer marked as correct

How to spend or lose points:

For downvoting a comment, question or answer
2 For receiving a downvote
10 For having a post or comment reported


Content can be flagged for moderation by community members. Such content remain public while undergoing moderation. Our system automatically detects posts marked as spam. These posts are hidden from view while undergoing moderation to check for false positives.

Moderation is manual and may take time. We thank you for your patience. To review the moderation criteria, including dispute resolution procedures, please review the .

Change log

January 17, 2022 First published

Welcome to FortiAnswers

FortiAnswers is the space dedicated to FortiSASE and FortiOS questions and suggestions.

  • Please review the Community guidelines
  • If you are a moderator, please refer to the Moderation guidelines
  • If something in the above guidelines is unclear, please post your question to the Community Feedback space or the Moderators' space